Trimmed video clip dragged to editor too long...

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I'm a newbie, have read the instructs, but continue to have the flwg issue:

After trimming my video in the trimmer by setting the IN and OUT points, I have a 2 min, 16 second clip I want to create and export. However, dragging this clip from trimmer into the editor results in a 4 min, 59 sec clip; 2 min, 16 seconds of what I want followed by 2 min, 43 seconds of blank...

Please instruct if I must do something else in trimmer, before dragging to editor, so that only the clip I want is on timeline, or how to delete the blank part in the editor...



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    Could be that your project settings don't match the footage. The first time you drag footage onto the timeline after the start of the project, the system will ask if you want to match the project to the incoming footage. If you say no, it won't ask again. Look in the media panel and check that your footage dimensions and fps are the same as your project settings.

    If not, you can change that by going to File, Project Settings and picking a matching template or manually set the dimensions and fps.

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    @Stargazer54 I'm guessing you didn't look at the screenshot on this one? It's a rare time you're incorrect.

    @progrocker absolutely nothing is wrong here, Hitfilm is doing exactly what it should be doing, and thus is a learning experience for you.

    If you look at your screenshot you have two blue bars from 0:0:0:0 to 0:2:16:29. This is the video clip you've added to the Timeline. After that there are no blue bars. There are no clips.

    The black you are seeing is simply because there is no video data. This is empty Timeline area. It can be ignored. You really can't - and don't want to - "get rid" of it... An NLE will always add/display empty space at th end of the Timeline so you have space to add the next clip.

    This empty space will be ignored when you export - assuming you are Exporting "Contents." If exporting "Contents," Hitfilm automatically Exports from the first moment on the Timeline with a clip to the last moment of the Timeline with a clip. There is another Export Option - "In/Out Points" where you define a time range to Export. In this case, yes, the Export will contain any empty space selected, but, again, this is not a Hitfilm error - this is Hitfilm exporting the time range the user defined, and of that time range has empty data, that's user error.

    TL/DR - everything is normal. @ProgRock