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It's been a year, and there were promises of something special for Ignite Pro users.

Sadly, nothing has materialized yet. No hints of possibilities.... nothing.

I use Ignite in Vegas, but after the last AMD graphics driver update, Ignite no longer works properly. It still works fine in HFP 2021.3 with the driver update, but I can not bring anything done with Ignite in HFP into Vegas and have it work properly.

I rolled back to a previous driver and everything is working. But the latest driver fixes issues it had with Resolve, which I also use.

So the question is, will there be anything new on the Ignite front?


  • Reyfox1
    Reyfox1 Posts: 16 Just Starting Out*

    I guess no news is bad news....

  • Andy001z
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    I believe the Vegas integration is now end of life. We are all certainly waiting to see what is going to happen. Sadly not even I as an Ambassador are privileged to such info.

  • spyresca
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    I'm only guessing here, but HF's main strength is as a compositor. As an editor, it's frankly... not great.

    With Ignite Pro being compatible with many other, better editors (even some open source compositors like Natron), it's possible that new corporate overlord (Artlist) sees it as potentially cannibalizing sales of the HF Pro subscriptions they are pushing.

  • Reyfox1
    Reyfox1 Posts: 16 Just Starting Out*

    Thanks.... I've seen the post about Artlist Max, and IamJoshuaDavies posted that there are not plans for Ignite.

    I understand about keeping things under wraps until releasing, but there were promises made after the Artlist takeover over a year ago. Now, I guess it's time to spend more time with other software that I have that duplicates a lot of what Ignite does with Vegas, which is a vastly superior in editing for me.

    Too bad. I and others thought that HFP and Vegas were a perfect match. I wonder what will happen with Vegas Post...