Change of Frame Rate ignored on export

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I have a video recorded at 50FPS (50p).

I use an export profile with the frame rate set to 25FPS.

The result is a video that is the same length in time, but the video is running at half speed. The audio is the correct speed. What am I not understanding?

I tried in both Editor and Composite export functions. I don't recall having this issue previously when changing Framerate.

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  • tddavis
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    edited October 2022

    @Batvink I cannot be 100% sure, but as you can see in the first screen cap all the standard presets have frame rate from source labels. I think if you want to override this you go to Edit the Preset and, as in the 2nd cap, untick the blue check mark and it use the actual project settings for frame rate. Don't take my word as gospel though. Check it and see if it works for you.