Logging in to this forum

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Something very strange has been happening on here for the last few weeks whenever I try and login to this forum:

  1. I navigate to the forum index page
  2. I click the "Sign In" button and sign in (the lower one - next to "Register")
  3. Instead of returning to the forum index I get taken to my FXHome Account page
  4. I click "back" button in browser to return to forum index
  5. I do not appear to be signed in (the "Sign In" button is still there - and refreshing the page does not change this)
  6. I click the "Sign In" button again and the page auto-refreshes to show that I am signed in

Later when I sign out a huge "The page can't be found" banner is displayed at the top of the screen.

Is this a problem others have encountered or something unique to my Windows 10 system?