hitfilm pro serial

butlerselby Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

i have a hitfilm pro serial but cannot find out how to enter it, i have uninstalled free version but cannot get pro version, or input serial key.

it has my email from previous free version.


  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesPosts: 1,647 Moderator

    Hello @butlerselby

    Did you purchase HitFilm Pro as a subscription or a perpetual license?

    If it was a perpetual license, when was it purchased?

    If you purchased a Subscription, please download HitFilm using the “Download Free” links on the main page. Then, login to the account you used to purchase Pro.

    If you bought HitFilm Pro before June 2021, you’ll need to go to https://account.fxhome.com/my-account/plans-products and open the HitFilm Pro license you have. It will direct you to an installer page and show you which installers you are eligible for.

    If you bought perpetual HitFilm Pro after September 30, 2021 then you are eligible for the latest version of HitFilm Pro. Download it using the “Download Free” links. After you install, login to the software using the same account you purchased HitFilm Pro with. It will then ask if you want to use your Perpetual Pro license or your Free license. Choose Pro and you’ll have access to all the perpetual pro features.

    Hope this helps!