Hardware encoding/decoding issue.

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I cannot seem to use hardware encoding or decoding. Hitfilm Pro will crash if I do. I can run the program just fine with it turned off, though my ProRes 422 files won't play smoothly. As soon as I turn hardware encoding or decoding (or both) back on, the timeline will play for a few seconds, then everything freezes and eventually crashes.

I also have HFP 16 installed on my system and it seems to work without any issues. This just seems to happen in version 2022.2 (

My system specs

Ryzen 2700

Windows 11

RX580 (8GB)

AMD Adrenalin Driver 22.8.2

64GB Ram

Samsung 1TB m.2 system drive

Using ProRes 422 (10 Bit) and Cineform HQ files for editing (no proxies).

See this video to see what happens:

Anyone have any ideas? Like I said, I cannot turn off hardware encoding permanently as I do not get smooth timeline playback if I do.