Nice night for a walk VFX

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    My suggestions:

    1. Keeping an eye on the color match - in this case the mask has too low saturation and is it too bright according to your face,
    2. The mask is too small - i assume you wanted to fade it right behind you but i find it hard to "read" it that way.
    3. It seems like you fade in whole mask - if so, it would be better to set direction light above and in front of the mask and move the mask towards it alone rather than fading it. The light could be better matched to a light on your face (right side of the mask should be dark as your face),
    4. I would work on personal expression - I would try to be more expressive, livelier, (less sad),
    5. Try making shorter takes - you tend to lengthen the shots unnecessarily.

    Hope that you will find it useful.

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    great tips @Gelqone , it can be difficult sometimes, could do with an extra pair of eyes before i upload work huh lol..