Disappearing favorite

Dimipapa Posts: 435 Enthusiast

This is an odd duck. I might of asked this before. I use the greenscreen key often enough to like it in my favorites. There is a star to favorite it, and it works, although the effect itself is a combination of a few effects (color difference, matte cleaner, spill removal). So I star it, it gets added to my favorites. I finish my editing, I save I close the program, I open it again, new project and the favorite is still there, no problems. A few days later now it's gone. This happens every time. I dunno what wires get crossed or specific event happens to unfavorite it but it always happens. And it only has ever happened to me with this one effect, the greenscreen key. Logically I'm left to assume that at least part of the reason is that it isn't a single effect. But I would really like to know why it doesn't get unfavorites the next time I fire up the program, what is the trigger? From a pure logic stand point I really bothers me.