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Hi there!

I had a little pause since I used Hitfilm express. I bought some plugins, but I see everything changed. Do I need to subscribe to any scheme, or I can still use the "free" versions? It's pretty confusing....



  • Triem23
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    So, the current version of Hitfilm is seperate from the prior Express/Pro model.

    With your existing license, you can access the Installers for your prior version (and add ons) from

    The new version is different - yes, there is a free version, but add ons are no longer available to purchase. There is a "Creator" tier subscription and a "Pro" tier subscription. If you let a subscription expire, the software reverts to the free tier.

    There is a "perpetual" license for Pro. This gets you a year of version updates. If you choose not to renew the update license you "version lock" at the version you had when the update license ends, but keep your Pro features.

    Hope this clears things up!

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    This makes things very clear.. Hitfilm is now a subscription money grab like adobe and we are stuck using a OLD product despite paying for plugins that we can no longer use with the current version.

    This is about as poor as it gets and may make me cut my losses as a part-time / amateure video maker making use of the occasional effect the hitfilm did well.

    I would say "thanks", but is would be FAR from sincere...