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I have a good history with fxhome as a traveloger cum vlogger or rather motovlogger. It goes back to 2017, but sadly there's been a hiatus of 3 years and that is because a major release put an end to my 5-6 year old laptop:

• Acer Swift 1 | Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor N3710 @ 1.60 GHz | Intel HD Graphics | eMMC 64GB | 4GB DDR3 L Memory | 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

• Microsoft Windows 10 21H2 (OS Build 19044.2075)

I'm back because I want to try Hitfilm again even if it means using an historic version. Now I can't remember if it was v12 or v13 that grinded my gears to a halt, but it would've been in 2019. Anyone reading this and seeing my specs above might be able to help me choose a release. However, not to worry, I'll scan the forum for clues. Failing that I can look at the last release of 2018. I can still use the latest version but there is a technical problem with where my mouse/trackpad pointer selects/hovers-over things. Hence the reason for calling it a day in '19.

What got me into Hitfilm was my naiveté at editing. I made videos and wanted to put them on YouTube, so I used it's online editor, which I found limited very soon after. The first choice that came up in a search was Hitfilm. And that's really my story and introduction to Hitfilm and FXHome.


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    Welcome back @stephen_esseenyne I know what you mean about hardware, my old PC is creaking along and only hanging in there with the current Hitfilm release by a thread of hope.

    I think you have found the answer to your own question over in the other thread about versions history. If you have already got a licence registered for an older copy of Hitfilm you can re-download and install, but if you don't have a licence showing in your account, you can not register it anymore.

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    In February, 2019 FXhome released HitFilm Version 12. Then in July they released HitFilm Pro 13 and in September, HitFilm 13 Express. If you go to your personal account page at, you should be able to see what the last version you used was, and you will still have access to that license as well.

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    Hello Jay. Hope you're good.

    Thank you for your comment, suggestion and ultimately the solution.

    Hmmm. I have a download in March 2017! I wonder if I have two accounts... Anyhow, the installer file has 2021 in it ("Download Windows installer - version 2021.3 (440MB) "). I'll proceed anyway.

    Thanks again, Jay! I do remember the old days when you were Hitfilm Sensei 8O)