Cannot exit application . and Why do you need to access Home Kit ?

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Hitfil is not able to exit, always need to do Forced Quit. Why ?

Error log to attached.

I also want to to what is the reason HitFilm need to access HomeKit ?



  • ZAY
    ZAY Posts: 5 Just Starting Out*

    Well, Just found a temporary solution to fix my issue. The above issue only occurred if your are installing HitFilm_2022.2 for the very first time and start using it. So I uninstalled the version completely and installed previous version HitFilm_2022.1 first then install HitFilm_2022.2. It is solve now at least for me..

  • triforcefx
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    Curious. I imagine the devs would like to look at this.


  • CedricBonnier
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    @ZAY We've not seen this here in the office although we don't have a Mac Pro to test on.

    Regarding the software requesting permission to access HomeKit, we do not use anything that would require HomeKit that I know of so maybe it's the Finder window that opens when importing media that requested access to it? I've looked on several macs here and none have HitFilm listed in the HomeKit section. You can leave it with the access denied or remove the app from the list, it shouldn't affect HitFilm at all.