Can Foundry Tracker data be deleted after scene is created?

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as the questions project is currently 390MB in size, I have a number of Foundry-tracked scenes. Once I have the Camera data, can I delete any of the layers? Or the Foundry effect?

I believe I have everything I need with the camera and the 3D scene with ground plane. I'm not attaching objects to points, I'm simply placing them in the scene and they are tracking perfectly.

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    Yes, you can. That said, storage is cheap, so I'll usually save my scene with Foundry applied in case I later want to go back and refine the track (sometimes there's a minor drift I don't notice until I see it full - screen) or add more points to tracked areas, then save a duplicate project with Foundry deleted.

    But, once you have solid tracks and points/camera placed in the scene you can absolutely delete all instances of Foundry. Since created points and camera exist on their own layers, they'll stay where they were. Obviously, without the tracker itself generating hundreds of megs of data your project loads and saves faster, and I've noticed that just having Foundry on a layer can slow things down since Hitfilm still looks at the effect and all its data.

    So, my advice is still to keep a version with Foundry applied for safety, but, once you go to final render you can delete the version with Foundry to regain the drive space if you really need it.

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    Good advice, thanks.

    I'm not concerned about disk space, it's the time it takes to <CTRL><S>, which I do frequently. The autosave also kicks in regularly and freezes the app for a few seconds.

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    For anyone interested in the numbers - down from 390MB to 55MB