Dual Monitor layout - Lower part of the timeline is not visible

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I've set up HitFilm 3 Pro to work on a dual monitor configuration, main window with timeline is on the left (1920x1200 HP LP2475w, set as monitor 2 on Windows 7) and Preview window is maximized on the right (1920x1080 Asus VG278H, set as monitor 1 on Windows 7).

On monitor 2 with main timeline I'm not able to see the lower part of the timeline (where there is the zoom control on the lower left corner, to be clear), to see the entire timeline I've to set Hitfilm as window (not maximized to full screen) and manually enlarge the window, of course this is not the best way to manage the layout.

With main window maximized:

[dead image link]

With main window enlarged manually:

[dead image link]

Is there any solution or workaround to see the entire timeline, maximizing the main Hitfilm window?



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    How strange - I've never seen this before but it does look pretty annoying. The QA team will look in to this when they arrive in the office.

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    I have attempted to recreate this issue in house but I have been so far unsuccessful. I will continue to see if I can recreate the issue, in the meantime if you have an further information you can provide that you feel would be helpful do let me know.


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    Out of curiousity, does the same behaviour happen if the main window is on the right-hand monitor?

    I tried to reproduce it with one monitor at 1680x1050 and the other at 1920x1080, but it behaved itself on my Radeon 7970.

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    I've also tried to duplicate this on my windows 7 dual monitor setup (#1 on right 1920x1080, #2 on left 2560x1440) and couldn't make it happen.

    Is your task bar set to auto-hide or did HF cover it?

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    Ok, I just got this to happen. I had to rearrange things a bit.

    This happens when the main display (with task bar) has a lower vertical resolution than the 2nd monitor, and they are lined up along the top edge, rather than the bottom (probably any monitor arrangement where the main display's bottom edge is higher than the bottom edge of the 2nd monitor).

    EDITED: I orignally thought this effected other programs, but I was mistaken, this seems to be a HF issue in this case.

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    I've setup my dual screens like you did, except my full preview is on the left. I had the same issue for the top of my image.

    I've found a workaround: instead of 'maximizing' the window by clicking the icon (I'm on Mac, but the same goes on Windows), I place the window on top left on the screen, and then I grab the lower-right corner of the window to extend it manually full-screen. That way, I don't loose anything. Then I save my workspace so it's back in place in two seconds if needed.

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    Yarin and cdel89, if you go to control panel->display->screen resolution, does it show the bottom of the displays to be aligned?

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    Usually I use monitors aligned on the top edge as shown in this screenshot, but I've made a test with alignment on the bottom edge and I have the same behaviour.

    [dead image link]

    Also misaligning  completely the 2nd monitor so its bottom edge is lower than the one of 1st monitor, nothing changes, the only way to solve the problem (I've tested this right now) is to set the 1920x1200 monitor (1) as main monitor, but in this way I can't use Nvidia 3D Vision with other softwares (I'm using a GTX670 and yes...I still edit some footage in 3D Stereo with Vegas Pro).

    About the taskbar I've checked with auto-hide on and off, but nothing changes.


    No, if the main window is on the right I'm able to see the entire GUI.


    Thanks for the workaroung, anyway it would be better to have the entire GUI also maximizing the window.

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    This problem is still there also with v3.0.368 update.

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