How to fade out of a matte

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I have created a composite shot in which I have a png. line drawing and a jpeg image of a city.

I have used the set matte effect on the city image with the drawing as the source, which means that where the lines are present you can see the image of the map peeking through.

This is all great, but I want to transition out of this shot by having the matt effect fade away so that the city image slowly spills from the confines of the line drawing matte to fill the screen.

Any tips on how to achieve this? I couldn't work out a way to do it seamlessly.

Thanks for any help!

Using HItfilm Express version 16.0.10807.58344


  • Stargazer54
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    Not really quite sure what you are trying to achieve but it might be easier to create two composite shots - one with the set matte effect you described and another with the result of the next effect. Then fade between the two comp shots inside a third comp or on the editor timeline.

  • Gelqone
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    Make a composite shot with the PNG in it. Add Outline effect to the PNG with the same color as the line and it's spread set to 100. Then animate it from size 0 to 200 px. 200 is max i think and it will be to small to fill whole screen but with proper scaling whole PNG on the timeline you can fill it to whole screen.

    And you have proper comp which you can use as a source for Set matte effect.

    Hope this is what you need.

  • RBracket
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    HI Gelqone, when you recommend an outline effect, is there some effect that does this quickly, or do you just suggest using masks to create an outline?
  • Triem23
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    Assuming your line art is white lines on black, try a Glow effect. You should be able to adjust the radius, amount and feather of the glow to generate a growing outline.

    Now Gelqone told you to put your PNG in its own Comp Shot. Let me stress this is an important step. Effects in Hitfilm which reference other layers as "Source Layers," like Set Matte, see the "raw state" of the referenced layer. This means the layer WITHOUT effects and masks. However the "raw state" of an embedded Comp is its final output. So by putting the PNG in its own Comp you "bake in" the effects so the Set Matte sees them.

  • RBracket
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    Thanks everyone for the comments, using the glow has given just the sort of growing shape I needed.

    Triem23 especially, as a lurker of many years it feels like a rite of passage to get your assistance on these forums, I really appreciate it!
  • Triem23
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    @RBracket Hah! We'll start a club or something.