4K update?

ElvisDeane Posts: 2 Just Starting Out

I've heard that iOS 16 has unlocked the possibility of using 4K and the other cameras with ARkit. Any possibility that we're going to see a CamTrackAR that brings those features in?


  • triforcefx
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    @ElvisDeane FXhome typically doesn’t comment on new features before they are released, so it’s unlikely we’ll get a response here. However in the past, CamTrackAR has done its best to be at the forefront of Apple’s AR technology… even working with Apple’s developers to push the technology to the max. I would be surprised if CamTrack didn’t get updated to support those new features sooner or later.

  • ElvisDeane
    ElvisDeane Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
    [{"insert":"Thanks, hoping that's the case. I guess I'm not seeing a lot of people using the app, so I'm a bit worried they'll stop development of it. I was about to drop a few thousand bucks on a setup to do some virtual production the proper way, but CamtrackAR is so much easier. \n"}]