First test , criticism welcomed!

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Hey guys, this was one of the first tests I did on Hitfilm. I got a friend of mine to flick a twig around in the forest so I could test the particle and lightning systems.
After more extensive use of the program, I notice some glitches in it but overall I'm quite pleased as a first test.
Any feedback welcome :)

I converted to 720 to save for render time (I didn't intend to upload this ))


  • BP Films
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    I am a fan of the color grading and the sparks coming out of the connection between spells. The core of the spell was a bit thick. I would reduce it a little bit more so it blends better with the film. The optic attached to stick should be more defined and should flicker less. It might be interesting to add a more anamorphic flare that stretches across the screen, but keeping it faint so it doesn't distract from the rest of the film. Looks great by itself, but a little tweaking could just make it even more awesome.
    Hope this helps :)
  • keimo
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    im far to amateur at this point to criticize, just wanted to say i really like it. keep it up.
  • DanielMorgan
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    Hey thanks BP :) Yeah , I think the flare did flicker a bit much . I like the anamorphic flare idea , will deffo take it in to account in future. Chears :) Also Keimo no worries :D
  • adam
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    Nice but I'm not a fan of those particles that just fly horizontally and then seem to hit an invisible wall next to you... because when they bounce against it, they seem to defy gravity and bounce sideways :P
    Just my 2 cents
  • DanielMorgan
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    Thats not me :D But I know what your talking about. I was actually going to have them look as if there exploding behind him, but due to various reasons I decided not to do it in the end.
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