What Other Video Editors Do You Use?

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Here's an interesting topic that maybe people are afraid to ask, but I'm sure are also curious to know. Regardless of your license with HitFilm (i.e. are you using HitFilm for free, are you paying for a subscription, or did you pay a one-time perpetual fee?), what else do you use in conjunction with HitFilm?

Keep in mind that this poll is about video editing software. This doesn't include image editors like Photoshop, or audio editors like Audacity (although you're welcome to discuss these things in the comments). This question is also by a regular user of the software; none of those involved in HitFilm asked me to post this, so please don't get the wrong idea!

It's a good idea also that only HitFilm users answer this question, as I'm not promoting the competition (at least, not in this poll). To be fair, I'm planning on testing DaVinci Resolve myself, and I may even end up liking it, but I absolutely love HitFilm's capabilities, especially with the Free license, and don't want to get rid of it as my main editor of choice. I've already tried LightWorks, ShotCut, and OpenShot, and while each has unique features, they each have problems which has caused me to abandon the software.

Finally, you don't have to state on whether you're paying for the alternate video editing software (even if it has no free version); that is not important.\

A mostly complete list can be found on Wikipedia, in case you forgot what you've used in times past.

Note: Since this is not a multiple choice poll, you can choose what you use more often with HitFilm, then state other software you use in the comments if you like.

What Other Video Editors Do You Use? 6 votes

DaVinci Resolve
ThankGodItsFriday 1 vote
An Adobe video editor (Express, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.)
FilmSensei 1 vote
A Windows video editor (Video Editor, Photos, Movie Maker, etc.)
An Apple video editor (Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Photos, etc.)
premiere_studios 1 vote
Magix Vegas Pro / Magix Movie Edit Pro
Triem23Manhit 2 votes
FOSS video editor (Blender, OpenShot, Kdenlive, etc.)
...Something else I missed? Let me know in the comments!
tddavis 1 vote


  • triforcefx
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    The very first videos I made were on Windows Movie Maker… probably 15 or so years ago.

    I then graduated to Pinnacle Studio when my Dad bought it to try converting home videos on VHS tapes. I used that for years.

    Then I discovered a new program… HitFilm 3 Express… it was SO much more capable than anything I had used before, and it was free! I’ve been using HitFilm ever since.

    Over the years, I’ve played around with other editors (and compositors… before HitFilm, finding a decent, reasonably priced compositor was next to impossible!), but nothing has really stuck. HitFilm isn’t perfect, but it does many things very well and the rest of it isn’t (usually) bad either. For me, HitFilm fulfills all my needs. That being said, there are plenty of other amazing products out there. I would encourage anyone to play around with other software suites, even if you’re comfortable where you’re at. It’s good experience, and you may find something you love!

  • FilmSensei
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    An Adobe video editor (Express, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.)

    If I am delivering a finished product render to a client, I use HitFilm to edit, because they will never see the project files. However if I am doing work for the company I'm employed with, I use Adobe Premiere Pro. My boss wants the project files in PP.

  • leesang
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    유료 버전에 제한되지만 LightWorks 올해 오디오(VST) 플러그인 및

    OFX 지원을 업데이트 했다.

    LightWorks 베가스와 베가스 이펙트(히트필름)처럼 타임라인에서 Blackmagic 

    Design Fusion Studio 를 불러올 수 있습니다.

    (상호 작용합니다.)

    LightWorks 보기에는 레이어 기반처럼 보이지만 이펙트 창을 보며 노드 기반임을

    알 수 있습니다.

    LightWorks 레이아웃 설정은 어떤 프로그램보다 유연합니다.

    LightWorks 마크 인.아웃은 정말 매력적입니다.

    다른 프로그램들도 마크 인.아웃을 지원하지만 LightWorks처럼 작동하지 않습니다.

    그리고 Create Studio Pro 프로그램을 좋아합니다.

  • tddavis
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    ...Something else I missed? Let me know in the comments!

    I started with Pinnacle Studio 8 and kept upgrading as needed to 16 before I started using Hitfilm more and more but with the Pay-What-You-Want deals from a site that the name escapes my at the moment I have kept it up to Version 23. I use it now mostly for mastering DVDs and BluRays, but I just dove back into it to create a slide show for this Wedding project I am editing. I find I have missed the drag and drop Transitions and the Titler a lot. I may upgrade to V26 soon.