Why I cannot export anything without watermark?

Snii Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

I have the free version of Hitfilm, and the problem is that when I try to export anything at all -even a single, still picture without any sort of effects- the end result will always have the big watermark across the screen.

I've tried exporting my video without and with effects (few video and audio transitions that you should be able to use with free version), with resolution of 1920x1080 or under, but no matter what, the big watermark always appears.

What could be the problem?



  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Posts: 4,298 Expert

    Your project dimensions, or a used composite shot dimensions, are probably above 1920x1080. Export presets can change the dimensions down to 1080 at export time but the watermark will still exist when that occurs. It has been said that the next release of Hitfilm will change that. Allowing bigger timelines to be exported at 1080 without a watermark.