What are some good computers and graphics cards for using HitFilm 3? (answered)

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I'm going to be getting a computer soon and I'm going to be doing a lot of video editing on Hitfilm.  I want to get a PC computer that can really handle the complex video editing and special effects without slowing wayyy down.  Does anyone have suggestions for the type of computer I should get and what kinds of graphics card I need for it?  Thanks!


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    It all comes down to budget really...

    The things I would recommend are getting a SSD (Solid-state drive) hard drive as big as possible and always editing your current project off that drive. That means at least 240GB for that main drive, 500GB+ if you can.

    If you're getting a desktop you'll want a Quad-core Intel i5 processor, does't really matter which one, they are all great, or if you can stretch to it, a Quad-core Intel i7 process (again they are all good). If you're going for a laptop then sometimes a Dual-core will do, but its better to get an i7 than an i5 in that case.

    For RAM you'll want at least 8GB... but more, 16GB, is very useful... most of my machines have 24GB these days and it helps quite a bit.

    Lastly, the graphics card... Here you need to be careful. The graphics which come as standard with the Intel i5/i7 (it has an integrated graphics chip) are slow... but sometimes buying a very cheap dedicated GPU board will be even slower for software like HitFilm! That means spending at least $150 here alone, $250 if you want to get some serious performance.

    If you're getting a desktop then I would suggest getting something with at least 1GB video memory, I would go as far to suggest 2GB is becoming the mimimum and there are lots of consumer cards with double that now. The same is true in laptops, get something beefy and the computer will last longer as you can't change the graphics card in most cases in a laptop.

    So, in short...

    Processor: Intel i5 or i7

    RAM: 8GB+

    Hard drive: 240GB+ SSD and an internal or external storage drive

    Graphics: Take a look at the link below which is a great resource... You want at least what they call an "Enthusiast" level graphics card.


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