Additional Motion Blur Settings?

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Hi Guys,

Apologies if this has been requested, however I couldn't find this.

My suggestion is to enhance the current Motion Blur feature within the 'Layer Properties' to give more samples/scale/frames/blur amount to the layer or effect.

E.g. I have been playing with the Motion Blur with the Particle Simulator and I would like it to blur more as you can still joins in the effect and it would like it to be smoother.




  • Triem23
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    You can already do this.

    Click the gear/cog/"Properties" icon near the lower left of your Composite Shot Timeline and select the "Advanced" tab. Here you'll be able to adjust the camera's simulation Shutter Rotation and Shutter Phase as well as change the Number of Samples and "Adaptive Samples," which determines if Hitfilm always uses the maximum samples or uses fewer samples on slower moving objects.

    @Andy001z @Stargazer54 You may wish to move this out of Feature Requests since this is a "Hitfilm already does this" type request.

  • InfinityMedia
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    @Triem23 thanks for this, apologies I wasn't aware of that.

    I have just looked, so whilst that feature is there, I would then change my enhancement request to allowing a greater sample range to allow potentially.

    Many thanks