Hitfilm on Apple Silicon

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Does Hitfilm run on Apple Silicon now? and If not is that something that we could be heading to in the future?



  • triforcefx
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    As of HitFilm 2022.1, Apple Silicon is officially supported by HitFilm through the Rosetta 2 translation layer. (Most NLEs at this point use Rosetta instead of native)

    As far as a native port goes, this presents some challenges... core technologies that HitFilm uses are not natively supported on Apple Silicon either... and rely on Apple to implement them (such as OpenGL). Apple doesn't seem interested in supporting these technologies, even though many apps rely on them and the hardware should be fully capable of using it. Apple instead wants developers to use Apple technologies, such as Metal.

    In short, unless something changes, HitFilm would have to be completely rewritten from the ground up in order to run natively on Apple Silicon... Likely not happening anytime soon, especially since this would create significant differences between the Mac and PC versions.

    Luckily, Rosetta should do a pretty good job in the meantime. Hopefully there are other users that can testify to HitFilm's current performance on Apple Silicon. If you are buying a Mac, I don't think there is any reason to buy an Intel version at this point. PCs will still likely have more bang for the buck, however.