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I am trying to produce a music video set in a 3D environment but am having trouble with getting my actors to stay in the proper spots.

I created the environment model in Sketchup, converted it to the proper format (fbx), and brought it into Hitfilm successfully, including textures. The model is a kind of mad scientist's lab where I want my characters to perform. Inside the lab, there are risers where my actors are supposed to stand during the song. I created a composite shot and added a camera layer. I inserted the model, into the composite shot and designated it as a 3D layer. When I brought the model in, I had to rotate it so it was oriented correctly in the 3D space.

I recorded an animated character against a green screen in a VR program called Puppet Play and exported a video. I brought the video into my composite shot and designated it as a 3D layer. I positioned the character onto one of the risers and designated the 3D lab model as the parent layer.

When I zoom in and out with the camera, my character does not stay on the riser. The character seems to zoom at a different rate than the 3D model, almost like it's on a different plane. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, I used a tutorial (the one with the actor in the helicopter) and followed the directions but am not getting the results I expected. Any help would be appreciated


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    @TheParkHopper Once you have initialized the 3D camera, make sure that any layers you want stacked in 3D space have their dimension set to 3D (which it sounds like you have already done). This will allow you to move them back or forward on the Z-axis.

    Once you have your 3D layers set up, it is helpful to change the camera view so that you are looking at the scene from the top or the side.

    You can also set up the Viewport to display both the camera view and other views from the side or top by selecting the drop down marked "View" along the bottom of the Viewport to have multiple views displayed.

    Also, keep in mind that if your models are not all saved relative to the same origin (0,0,0) you may have to fudge their position by making adjustments to the Anchor Point. Hopefully that helps.