Solved: reel to reel film streaks and artifacts how to?

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I'd like to make a clip that looks like reel to reel film footage, black and white, though I presume the technique would be the same for color or BW.

I'm talking about the random dots, dust specks, and streaks.

Can't find anything to add such artifacts, just presets>film>black and white film. That just makes it BW, and a little grainy. Only half the battle.

Any idea or tutorials I may have missed when searching?


Hitfilm V 2021.3 (18.0.1530)

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    Just for kicks I added the effect even though it shows as add-on. I didn't realize it would work, but it did.

    Most add-on features are pretty much always there/installed. They will just watermark.

    That said, the effect does what I want...aside from the periodic vertical line. If it's there in the controls, I just haven't found it yet.

    The vertical line sounds like 'a scratch'. All damage features are enabled by default. You can selectively turn off the damage features you do not want.

    I didn't realize it's discontinued. I'll have to look deeper into this. Is there a replacement?

    The change happen a couple of months ago.

    Hitfilm still has a Free version. Hitfilm was previously Hitfilm Pro and Hitfilm Express. It is now just 'Hitfilm' with four variants. Free, two subscription plans (Creator and Pro) and Hitfilm 'Pro' under the same perpetual license terms as before. Hitfilm 'Free' does have a slightly different feature set than Hitfilm Express. Notable here is the restriction to HD project dimensions 1920x1080.

    You can keep using Express forever so long as it does what you need. The new Free version can be installed at the same time as Express if you want to check it out. They will not conflict.

    FWIW: The Film Damage effect is only available in the Pro subscription, or the perpetual license.