28 year's old, dutch Guy made a Fall guys montage, and needs some feedback :)

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Hi Everyone,

I am Dennis, 28 years old and love editing and want to keep improving my skills. :)

I just made a Fall Guys montage for the first time in Hitfilm, with fast edits, memes and music, etc.

(all new for me, editing like this)

But the problem is that, nobody is finding my video on YouTube yet. Because i am a small channel.

So i am missing some feedback if the video is actually fun and well made.

Or atleast i am on the right track, haha.

I was wondering if somebody wants to give me some feedback on this forum?

i want to try different kind of stuff on youtube but you need to start somewhere right? :)

Thank you all.

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  • ndpproductions
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    @Denfiax I thought it was fun, and I really liked how the animation of the screen fitted to the music. Cool video!

  • Andy001z
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    Hi, nice job. The first half of the video was very slick, I loved the fast paced editing which matched the style of game you are showing. At about the 1min mark I was getting a bit board of the jumping on hex blocks, but your characters death saved the day. If I was to alter anything it would be to make that section a bit shorter.

    However, music and cuts are great.