Is there a way to mass resize and reposition three video tracks that are cut between?

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Hey, basically I put the three video tracks, jc mcnz and gary offset and scaled down so I could see all three at once while I made cuts to switch between them, but now when I select a bunch of the pieces and change the scale and transform values, it seems to affect only one piece. Is there a way to resize and position all the little bits at once?

Thanks in advance.

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    Somewhat. You could select all three clips and resize them all in one go by dragging the size handle - it's a little box at the bottom right of the bounding box. Spreading them across the screen has to be done individually. Moving them together would move them TOGETHER.

    If you have to do this multiple times, second, third and subsequent resize/reposition is easier. Select a 'top center' clip and copy it. CTRL+select all the other top center clips, right click and select "Paste Attributes." This pastes in the scale/position data. Repeat for bottom left and right.

    If you have Express with the proper add on (no longer for sale), a Creator-tier subscription, or any version of Pro you have a "Split Screen Masking" Effect designed to automate picture-in-picture effects. You'll need to put the relevant clips in a Comp Shot, but then it's adding Split Screen Masking to a Grade Layer, selecting the layout from the preset drop down and assigning the relevant layers. Pre render the Comps and drop them on a top track of your edit Timeline. Then you'll see your PiP render for reference and can turn off that layer when you don't need it.