Changelog page for perpetual hitfilm pro?

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Hello 😊

I own the perpetual version of hitfilm pro.

The renewal period ended at the beginning of the year.

I would eventually like to repay for 1 year, but the problem is that I can't find any information on the evolution of the software anywhere.

This is annoying because maybe there hasn't been an update since my version (2021.3), or there won't be for 3 years?

it would be very annoying to pay for 1 year for nothing.

So is there a way to keep track of the perpetual version of hitfilm pro?

Thanks 😊

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  • NormanPCN
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    For legacy Hitfilm Pro you can find the update list here.

    I got here by clicking Support: Looking for older products, Hitfilm Pro, Updates.

    FxHome does not seem to be posting a changelog for the new/current Hitfilm. Maybe because Hitfilm has gone from Express and Pro, to just Hitfilm with many license options and each license option may have a different changelog. Still each entry in a changelog can have something simple like (All, Creator, Pro).

  • triforcefx
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    @Vlad_Zanbarbone Perpetual Pro uses the same installer as the new “subscription” HitFilm. If you don’t have it already, you can go to the homepage, click Download Free, login to your account, select the Free plan, and then you can download the latest version.

    If you renew your Perpetual license, you will be able to swap between the Perpetual license and the Free plan within the software.

    Perpetual Pro is identical to subscription Pro, except for these 3 things:

    1. Perpetual does NOT have the Artlist/Motion Array stock music/template integration. This is because Artlist assets can only be licensed under a subscription, not “bought” like a perpetual license.
    2. Imerge is not included with Perpetual HitFilm Pro, it is a separate product. But it is bundled with the Pro subscription.
    3. Just like before, Perpetual allows you to keep your license to HitFilm (+12 months of updates!) FOREVER! :)

    The change log for the current version has been posted here: