Help with the right export settings

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I've made a trailer with Hitfilm for a cyclingrace that i organize and a local TV station wants to show it but they ask:

XDCAM HD 422 Beeldformaat: 1920x1080 pixels (16:9 / 1.78)

Framerate: 25, 50 fields/s, bitrate 50Mbps, MPEG2 [email protected], OP1a

Audio samplefrequentie: 48kHz, resolutie: 24-bits


How can I do it best with Hitfilm!


  • NormanPCN
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    Wow, interesting how restrictive they are with requested input format. XDCAM is kinda old. Common as it was. Still is? It certainly is a known quantity, and somewhat rigid in specification.

    You are going to have to export an intermediate file from Hitfilm and then run that through some other external encoder of some kind that can output XDCAM format. A good choice for a high quality intermediate from Hitfilm would be to export Cineform (Hitfilm puts this in a MOV container).

    As for a third party encoder that outputs XDCAM, I don't know of anything off hand. I could probably could come up with something using ffmpeg (technical command line tool). Not sure how exactly XDCAM MXF compliant/perfect it would be.

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    As @NormanPCN says, you'll want to export Cineform and use a third party tool for free encode.

    Try shutterencoder. It's free.

    Norman, I can only speak from my experience working for local stations, but budgets are tight and my stations couldn't afford to upgrade the hardware/broadcast gear. Barely budget for the one full-time guy, and the occasional freelancer for shoots. Two stations I shot for actually needed WMV for final encoding, even though we acquired P2 card and mastered to ProRes.

    Dawebmixer's station probably wants delivery in their broadcast format so they don't have to spend their resources on file conversion.

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    Thank you guys. I've tried it out and I've send the mxf-files to the station.

    They have send me an e-mail that everything is okay now.

    Thanks a lot