Is there any way to make a non-stationary distortion effect?

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I'm very new to HitFilm, and I was trying to make a section of video distorted with the distortion itself also changing, but all the distortion effects I could find are just still. Is there anything I could use for this? Also, could I make it happen to a specific part of a clip instead of the whole thing?



  • Andy001z
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    Learn about keyframing and keyframe the Seed value of the effect over time and this way it will change.

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    @Andy001z Thank you. I will do that.
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    Also, to make the distortion appear only over part of the duration of a clip - say 5 seconds of a 10 second clip - you'd keyframe the distortion to go from 0 (when you don't want to see it) to whatever value you choose. To get a value to "snap" from 0 to whatever, you'll want to set the keyframes from the default "Linear" to "Constant." To have distortion appear over only part of the area of a clip (over, say, a person but not the background), add the distortion to a Grade Layer and mask the grade layer.

    If you want to get more advanced control over the distortion, instead of a distortion effect, create a Composite Shot with a plane and Fractal Noise, then use that as the source for a Displacement effect. Now... Hitfilm's Distortion effects are basically using the same fractal equations as Fractal Noise to create the distortion. That means you can use Fractal Noise to recreate Heat, Smoke, Fluid and Energy Distortion by using the Clouds, Smoke, Fluid and Energy types of Fractal Noise.... Or use the OTHER types of Fractal Noise to get other looks. This also gives you some animation and style options you can't get with the Distortion Effects. Like the Distortion effect, keyframe the Seed of the Fractal Noise to generate moving shimmer.

    Note in Hitfilm any parameter with a hollow circle icon next to it in a clip's Controls can be keyframed, including Opacity, Rotation, Position and most parameters of most effects.

    Here's a good tutorial on the basics of keyframing.

    This tutorial is on fake 3D using Displacement, which will show you how the filter works. You just would be using a fractal noise as the Displacement source.