Suddenly Hitfilm is sluggish and export takes double the time or more

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Ive been using Hitfilm for some time now, and it was running great. I've made dozens of projects on this program and never got any issue. I even upgrade my PC about a month ago and there were noticeable improvements in editing and export times.

Since this upgrade, not only was editing in the timeline and the Viewer window running smoothly, a 40 min video would take around 14 min to export.These videos were all recorded at 1080p 60fps, and edited as mp4 files at 1080p 30fps, which didn't seem to cause any problem before.

Since of yesterday, the program has been running sluggish and export takes double the time or more, depending if the video contains a lot of short clips or not.

I have no way to show you the export times since i removed all of the tasks, but here is all of the export settings i am using.

Dont know what could have caused this since nothing major happened in the past few days. Only a windows update which I had verified for errors and got them corrected. I have also updated my gpu and cpu Drivers, but that didn't help.

Here are my Specs:

Motherboard- Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE/

GPU- AMD Rx 6700xt

CPU- Ryzen 5 5600


Windows 10 64bit

I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this problem.





  • Andy001z
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    apart from the standard advice to check that you have not got anything new running in background while Hitfilm does it thing. Windows has a habit of auto downloading updates sometimes.

    The other thing to try and if you are using proxy's or cache try clearing these.

    PS: You spec is very similar to one I considered updating to, how are you finding it?