How do I get rid of the watermark!!

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Hello! I exported my video with no effects, fully activated, and logged in with my email. It is not higher than 1080p. The effects I used were fades, black and white. I searched this forum and Google but I can't find an answer. The watermark is so big! Any help would be appreciated💖!! <3

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  • triforcefx
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    Please check your File - Project Settings… if your vertical resolution is higher than 1080 pixels, you will trigger the watermark (including vertical video)

    If your project settings are higher than the limit, I suggest saving a copy of your project (in case something breaks in this next step), then switching your project resolution to under 1080p. You may have to go through and resize your clips using the Right Click scaling options on each clip.

    This issue appears to have been a bit of developer oversight when implementing the resolution limits. It should hopefully be fixed in the coming versions.