HitFilm crashes when editing, viewer not allowing playback

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Apologies if there's a similar question that's already been answered.

I upgraded my PC recently and installed HitFilm (was using 4 Express on previous laptop), I tried to have a go at doing some small video editing for a TikTok, however I noticed that the video wouldn't playback in the viewer, and as soon as you clicked on anything else it would crash and windows would prompt to close the program.

I saw some things about GPU drivers being reverted due to windows updates, so I updated them but I'm still running into the same issue.

Spec wise this is what I'm running:

Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor        3.70 GHz

Installed RAM 16.0 GB

System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Pen and touch Pen support

GPU AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT

I've just had an absolute game of updating my GPU drivers, only to run into errors due to windows, but now it's finally up to date, and I'm still running in to the same problem. Is this a known issue with the most recent version of HitFilm?

Thanks in advance!


  • Daya
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    I've been having the same issue as well for the past week!

    PC is all updated

    CPU 10600K Intel

    AMD 6600XT

    96GB RAM

    Win 10 64 bit

    Just trying to play ANYTHING on the viewer (mainly mp4)

    Tried reinstalling the program like 5 times, nothing works.

    Maybe it's not supported on our AMD 6000 series??

    I personally have had this card for months, used without an issue.

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    @Daya @Jaegerbox I would recommend contacting support directly at https://fxhome.com/support

  • Daya
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    @Stargazer54 Hey, I've tried, more than once and there's no response.
    Just the automated email with no human response.
    I even tried to get on their discord and they told me to come here.... . since they don't want support questions there.
    It is what it is :(((
  • NormanPCN
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    I've tried, more than once and there's no response.

    Sadly, I've seen that as well, in the current/new era. After some days, 4 or so, responding to the auto-responder email did illicit a support response.

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    Be sure to check your spam folders for support responses, sometimes they end up there.

    @OliThompson A number of people appear to be having issues trying to contact support, any way you can help? :)

  • Daya
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    Yeah... been like 6 days for me now. I tried as well replying to those auto mails. Nothing yet.

  • amcc
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    This issue for me as well.

    I use video footage captured from a Logitech Brio Webcam, an android S10, and an android S21ultra

    I have noticed the webcam footage does not cause the crash, only the footage from the two smartphones. I think this is some issue from a combination of AMD GPU drivers and certain types of video footage. My uneducated opinion - I think the crashes started after an AMD GPU driver update, reverting to older graphics drivers may help. I think this started with driver version 22.7.1.

    My specs:

    CPU : AMD Ryzen 5800x

    GPU : AMD 6800

    32GB RAM

    Win 11 64 bit

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    @amcc Thanks for posting specs!

    Best bet is your footage is Variable Frame Rate, which is what most consumer grade devices, such as phones, capture in. Plus their codecs are often proprietary. Video editing software prefers Constant Frame Rate. Best to transcode to CFR. Handbrake is a good choice - https://handbrake.fr/ How to use it here - https://youtu.be/kbsmEQwbtU8

  • Daya
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    We all have the same series AMD cards.

    The program does not or is not supported by the latest (after MAY) Adrenalin version!

    For me I can't revert back anymore. 2 weeks ago my pc started crashing and deleting the old AMD drivers on its own.

    All they did with support is ask for my dx.

    Program won't run for the good AMD cards, it's a shame.

    4 months without editing software.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @Jaegerbox Did you solve your original issue? (apologies, I've not read the entire thread)

    TLDR: please make sure you are running the following AMD driver: "Adrenalin 22.5.1 Recommended (WHQL)"

    You said you contacted support so hopefully you were told already but this looks a lot like an AMD driver bug. The Optional drivers currently have a bug in hardware decoding that will cause any application that uses this feature to hang (ie stop responding and has to be killed via the task manager or other).

    To fix this, you have to rollback to the "Recommended" version (currently "Adrenalin 22.5.1 Recommended (WHQL)").

    We have contacted AMD and they are fixing it but in the meantime you will need to use the Recommended driver.


    PS: the support team has been incredibly busy lately and struggled to keep up with the amount of queries so if you don't get an answer after a few days please send another message. Sorry about the inconvenience, we are trying to improve the situation.

  • amcc
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    Downgrading to driver version 22.5.1 as recommended above does appear to have sorted the issue for me.

    Also plan to experiment with handbrake as suggested above to see if it improves my results.
    Much thanks to @Stargazer54 and @CedricBonnier
  • Daya
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    HI as I wrote the reverting back to May version does NoT work for me anymore. My PC automatically deletes my drivers and restarts all the time if I attempt.

    I got a request for a dxdag from support, which I sent... and nothing has happened since.

    It's been months now, waiting. :(

    I repeat I cannot revert back to 22.5

    Been having 2 or 3 different drivers of AMD since MAY and they all work fine with other editing software. I had to look for alternatives, daVinci R works so IDk if it's the same coding.

    Hopefully it gets fixed soon... somehow. It's only about time till others stop being able to revert back as well.

  • Stargazer54
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    @Daya Are you managing drivers as Administrator or at least with administrative rights?

    If you are doing this as a "normal" user on the computer, who is not a member of the Administrators group, then that might explain why changes aren't staying permanently.