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NOTE: I posted this on the Norton forums- think it will help or have things changed so much that all security companies are interested in is getting more money?


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    Not sure what this has to do with Hitfilm Software but for security software, anitvirus etc.. I use Webroot Secure Anywhere, my computers have NEVER gotten an infection with that software running and they run much faster than anything Norton has.

    I also use Malwarebyte's Anti-malware FREE version and SuperAntiSpyware Free version.  My computers do NOT get viruses or malware.

    I also use CCleaner free version from piriform to clear out junk temp files on a regular basis.

    The paid versions of the three above really don't add anything to the core protection other than automation which is why I just use the free, I don't care if I have to press a button to get an update instead of paying for it to do it automatically.

    Norton is one of the worst companies in my opinion for antivirus and malware protection even though reviewers consistantly give it high marks.  Plus your computers run so slow with it running, boot up and shut down are increased by minutes.  Uninstall it and see if you don't see an increase in general of your computers.

    The only thing with Webroot is that you have to be connected to the internet or it's database is not accessible.

    I have spybot running on my windows 8.1 partition too but I don't really see any need for it honestly.

    I have NEVER had to contact support for any of the products I use. my computers just don't get infected in the first place. 


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    Who the heck do you thnik writes these things besides some snotty nosed, pimple faced kid that thinks he is prooving  something? And yeah aint that a kick in the shorts....       "We'll help you!! But let me see your wallet first."

    I always had a suspicion the anit virus folks wrote most of them.....nice way to ensure business!

    As for your current problem check out  HitMan....You can DL & run for free for a month. My wife had Nortons and a virus. HitMan fixed'er right up. And I finally got her to switch to Kapersky.


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    Idrankwhat - This topic has nothing to do with HitFilm which is why it's in the 'Everything Else' catagory.

    I have the Malwarebyte's Anti-malware FREE version,  CCleaner free version and Spybot Search and Destroy. I used to have Webroot too but I was under the impression they went totally to a paid version. I also use SpyWare Blaster but all those in concert with Norton didn't protect my computer. I'm guessing this ransomware is utilizing the registry keys also so getting it cleaned out may be impossible. I have plans to rebuild the computer when I get my tax return so this all may be a moot point.

    duffman - I'll check out HitMan for sure. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into Kapersky too. I have 4 months to find a different security program so research is going to be paramount before I try something different.

    Has anyone tried PC Matic? CNet has a bunch of reviews- most have 5 out of 5 star ratings. They also have a deal of $150 for life even if you get a different computer, the program is transferable making it truly for life- so it's not just a gimmick. Very tempting especially when they can block the very ransomware I just got on my desktop computer.

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    This new forum format... I can't see the categories well enough..  I like the old formats where you have to manually switch to a category instead of seeing it all in one feed.  I don't like it much.. LOL

    Yes Webroot is a paid product, upto 5 activations depending on subscription level.  You can deactivate activations so switching computers isn't a big deal.

    The other software I mentioned as you already know have a free version. The paid versions on those really don't add anything to the protection itself just automation. 

    Windows Defender also is running on my computer and there is no conflicts at all between any of the software.   Norton, I just don't have anything positive to say about that software anymore. It does so many wierd things to your system it is almost as bad as having malware.

    I have tried other softwares but for me Webroot works the best out of the lot. My virus and malware free status just doesn't motivate me to look elsewhere for this type of software any more.

    Wish you luck in your search.   If you are going to reformat the drive use a really good wiper software before and after formating. Wipe at least 3 times on a pretty heavy level, go above government grade wipes.   Otherwise it is possible for viruses to survive even after a format, without wiping.  It does happen.


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    Idrankwhat - I've noticed quite a few slowdowns, as of late, that are Norton's doing. About five years ago there weren't any slowdowns, on my system at least, but now it seems like it's every other day. I wish they'd stop tinkering with stuff once it does work well. Not every change is an improvement. Two years ago Norton started popping up more and more boxes when you wanted to do a simple scan. It fills up the task bar space with three identifiers for one scan. Ridiculous! I usually close out the two preliminary boxes and leave the scanning one in the task bar so things don't start piling up in groups.

    Oh yeah, I forgot Windows Defender. I don't think it's ever found anything. Makes me wonder if it's a placebo just to keep the customer happy. lol

    I'm doing more than wiping it in a few months. I'm totally rebuilding it so the disc drive and motherboard and GPU will all be new. Once that happens- goodbye Window XP. I will probably go with 8.1 or 10 if it's out by then.

    What happened to Windows 9? Do they consider 8.1 to be 9 or did the schools fail Microsoft techs in the area of being able to count?

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    I went to bestbuy few weeks ago and one of the people there actually works for microsoft. Asked her about 10 and she said you know as much as we do, there really isn't much info on it yet.  It is suppose to come out sometime late 2015.

    Going to be some sort of derivitive of 8 and internet hybrid more so than 8 is now I guess. Start menu will be different but similar I guess to what it is now in 8.1, works differently in 10 somehow... I don't know.

    XP is dead, I upgraded to windows 7 Pro and never looked back.  Windows 7 is what windows Vista was suppose to be and is the last version of windows that is like what you are experiencing in XP.  Windows 8+ and on going in future you will not like at all coming from XP.

    Windows 7 will be supported sometime into early 2020's.. 22 or 23 then done just like XP is.  You can't get it at all on preboxed systems but if you build yourself or have one built locally then you can still buy it in many places.. newegg, amazon etc..  until supplies last...

    The activation protection in 8+ prevents you from reinstalling it on any equipment than what it was originally installed on. So if you replace the mobo or upgrade the cpu you have to rebuy another license. In 7 you could just reactivate but no longer in 8+...

    Webroot I don't get popups unless it finds something but ALL those alerts and functions are customizable so I get to choose what I see and what I don't.  Norton is for those without any tech or computer skills at all and is full of junk marketing stuff.. I wouldn't really say malware but sorta, more of a commercial keep feeding me monies program.  All highend or non-free antivirus security software you have to buy a license for and you should to get updates and virus definitions but Norton, holy crap with addons, upgrades, 3rd party deals...   Blah!

    Windows Defender for me is more of an additional firewall software which does actually work and blocks stuff you NEVER see or hear about. Which can be good and also can be reason certain software can't ever access the internet until you white list it.   But XP it is pretty dead anyway so the windows 7 version and the XP version are different at least in my mind. I mean for Windows Defender.

    Make sure you go with the highest specs mobo you can get that is reliable, make sure it is USB 3.0 mobo because there are USB 2 only mobos out there and the bandwidth channels for memory and processor are different tech and can prevent or totally take advantage of the full resources of CPU and RAM and HD's or SD's.   The lowest highest ram you can put on a MOBO should not be less than 16 GB so make sure your MOBO has at least that much capability for upgrade.   Really shop around because model specific mobo's have certain features that others may not have as well as versions from 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.. 2.1, 3.1 etc etc...   Also note down the specs when you get them so you know because certain hardware will only work with certain versions of MOBO's...   Crazy how you have to check and recheck.

    I always start with the processor I want then MOBO shop then from their piece meal parts and reverify compatibility with MOBO for say video card and whatever addon cards I may need.

    I had my last desktop built by someone else which I should not have, cost me way more money than a prebuilt system would have and recently I discovered the specs of the MOBO he installed were not to the specs I gave him before the build...   Screwed me over.   He made changes without telling me and I didn't find out until over a year after the build.

    Watch out.

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    @Idrankwhat - if you click the 'categories' link at the bottom you can basically replicate the behaviour of the old forum. Bookmark the categories page as your entry point and you're good to go.

    As for anti-virus....if you're on a Windows machine I wouldn't recommend using ANYTHING other than Microsoft's own Security Essentials. Anything else is more likely to cause problems than prevent them, in my experience.

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    Idrankwhat - Thanks for the tips. Fortunately, a friend can help me rebuild the computer. He used to work for Best Buy's Geek Squad and I'm pretty sure I can trust him. We'll be looking online for the best deals.....eBay and the like. I'm going to start with whatever is top of the line Nvidia GPU is at the time.

    SimonKJones - Have you had many problems with Security Essentials? Things getting passed it?

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    (Note from moderator: A now deleted spam post used to be above here)

    ^ Lol


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    @StormyKnight  I'm totally with @SimonKJones on this one. Who knows more about the inner workings of Windows than Microsoft? Ummmm nobody ;)

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    @KevinTheFilmmaker thanks, I've dropped the ban hammer on that one.

    @Aladdin4d this thread is from 2014, and got resurrected by a spammer.

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    Dead for two years and bam!  Back to life again. long as we're here, @SimonKJones I've been using Windows Defender for a year now and no major problems regarding viruses, Trojans or malware. Yay! Although I do still use spywareblaster and spybot search and destroy because they have found a couple low level malware threats that Defender didn't find.

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