Is there a way to separate or isolate the dialogue from the background music of a movie clip

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Hey, working on a Star Wars project and attempting to take a movie clip(s) and separate or isolate the audio dialogue ( in this case Darth Vader quotes) from the music or background in the scene. I know it's possible, as I've seen examples on YouTube, I just didn't know if it's possible to do in HitFilm. I've looked thru all of the effects and was unable to find a way. Any thoughts?

Fyi, about two and a half years ago I set up a static display Darth Vader mannequin and stormtrooper. It has all the bells and whistles and even a special custom-made servo to turn the head. I was simply using a Bluetooth speaker with audio and manually selecting quotes from a Darth Vader/stormtrooper soundboard. When obi-wan Kenobi series came out, I decided to upgrade the entire system and put everything on a sensor that would detect movement and turn all the lights bells whistles, light saber and the quotes would begin automatically.. I'm still working on a way to play this ( haven't figured out how to start an audio file automatically attached to a wored speaker) but I'm trying to create a Darth Vader quotes list and put them together in an audio file using hitfilm. It would be helpful to separate the dialogue from the background...

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    Not in Hitfilm. To try and isolate sounds from full mixes you'd need something like a spectral audio mixer. SpectraLayers 9 might be the best commercial tool. I think Audacity has a spectral module.

    Might want to check They have a massive library of sounds. Many provided by Lucasfilm, others ripped from game files. That's likely to be the source others use.

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