Media quality drop when dragging into timeline.

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Is the a way to fix this problem? I'm working on a project and every time I import it into the timeline the quality dips by a lot. The original was recorded 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60 fps.

The quality of it is reduced by a bit when looking at it in the timeline. I'm not sure if it goes back to normal after exporting everything but its kinda bugging me.

I use adobe at school and and my teacher tells me to fix this by doing "new sequence from clip" is there a similar way to do this on hitfilm?


  • Stargazer54
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    Make sure your Project settings match the incoming video. HF should ask you "the first time" you drag an item onto the timeline if you want the Project settings to match the incoming video. But you only see this the first time you start a project.

    Note that if you click the check box you won't get the requester again. To get it back you have to go to File, Options, Prompts & Warnings and turn it back on.

    But you can also manually update Project Settings and change it there if need be. (File, Project Settings)

    As far as what you see in the Trimmer or Viewer window there might be some degradation as the system is re-scaling the video to fit the window. What really matters is the rendered output which will be what you have in your Project Settings. Determining factors there are which Export Preset you use to output your project.

    Using a two monitor set up so that you can see the Viewer full screen also helps.

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    Another thing to look at is Viewer Resolution (this is a drop down menu at the bottom right of the viewer).

    The Trimmer directly streams frames to this window. The Viewer has to process the image through the render engine, which takes more time and resources. You haven't listed your specs but, if you have a low end GPU, Hitfilm might have auto shifted to a 1/2 or 1/4 resolution.