Why does my .hfp file turn into a load error when upgrading hitfilm versions?

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So I was using hitfilm 4 express to edit my video, and realized they werent giving out activation things for it, so I upgraded to the most recent version of Hitfilm, and when I load my .hfp file, one of the videos within it turns into a load error when before it was working just fine, I have absolutely no idea how to troubleshoot any kind of file stuff please help me


  • Triem23
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    Unfortunately you might be out of luck here. The current version of Hitfilm is 19. 4 is ancient. Since then many things in Hitfilm have been altered/recoded, including the entire text engine, the entire set of masking tools, and several effects, including Sphere and Atomic Particles. This is probably not something the Forum users can troubleshoot. You'll probably need FXhome support.

  • flobgobbler
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    [{"insert":"i did some more research in the time it took you to respond and i have to make my video all over again :(\n"}]
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    @flobgobbler If you are just getting a load error on one video you might try the Relink feature to bring it back in. If that fails, try transcoding the problem video with Handbrake and try Relink again.