How can one speed up an entire project for faster viewing of footage during editing?

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Hey, basically I have a attention span of poor length and as such would like to make video go fast so I can put my cuts and whatnot in good spots fast like.

Is there a way to nondestructively (Meaning without losing data such as frames or audio quality) speed up all footage and audio in a project to make this happen?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Triem23
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    "JKL" keys.

    K is pause.

    J is reverse.

    L is forward.

    Hitting J or L multiple times increases playback speed.

    Or, alternatively, look at a third party "shuttle/jog wheel. These controls are used on pro level gear. The shuttle wheel is a dial you can turn for backward/forward playback and different speeds. The jog is a frame forward/backwards dial. Contour makes several like the Contour Shuttle Express or Contour Shuttle pro. I LOVE my Shuttle Pro. Something like a Loupe Deck can also be programmed to act as a Shuttle/Jog. Most of these controllers also have hot keys for your favorite shortcuts. Former FXhome tutorial guru Simon Jones programmed a Steam Controller as a shuttle/jog.

    Here's my preferred tool, but there are other options.