[FEATURE] Play/stop, in addition to the current Play/Pause.

NormanPCN Posts: 4,199 Enthusiast

Right now Hitfilm playback is play and then pause. The playhead remains at the paused position.

With Play/Stop the playhead returns to the start position when play is stopped.

It seems to me that when editing we are working on a short section and we want to play that section again, and again, from the start of said section after each change/update we make. Play/Stop supports this workflow. We don't typically want to edit from the paused location forward. We are editing/evaluating what just played and will probably want to replay that shortly.

Hitfilm does have a continuous looping mode for the in/out region, but the playhead stays at the paused location and we have to reposition the playhead every time to do playback from the start of the edit region in question.

Apps like Vegas have a global preference for play/pause or play/stop (for the play shortcut) and I think something simple/trivial like that could work fine for Hitfilm. Of course, they also have full explicit controls for pause and stop and all that guff as well.