Green screen without a “green screen”

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    Sorry to revive an old thread; I was going to start a new one, but I saw this and was curious about the same thing. I've tried several blankets and tablecloths that are green, but they really don't do that well with the Color Difference Key, so I'm looking to do some greenscreen effects without a legitimate green screen, as I'm kind of on a tight budget and am looking to do something inexpensive yet cool-looking.

    With the most current HitFilm, I've been trying to do what @Triem23 outlined, but am having some difficulty grasping some concepts. I'm not new to video editing, but I'm... *ahem!* GREEN when it comes to replacing static backgrounds with something else.

    I've attempted using a still shot in conjunction with some footage to create a composite video, but as my room is not well lit this can turn out very messy, and any shadows behind me also appear, making the room behind me partly visible.

    Perhaps what I need is something more up-to-date that can take me through the process of removing stuff step by step. I don't mind editing most of it by hand, without paying for a subscription, but until I can afford a green screen, I'd like to know what my options are currently.
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    @ThankGodItsFriday I’ve moved your comment and closed the old thread… let the dead threads Rest In Peace.

    I believe what you want is the Hue and RGB Key. This will let you select any color off your screen for your background, instead of just the general “green”. The most important thing is making sure your background color is as solid and uniform- and uniformly lit- as possible, and that it’s as different as possible from any colors in your scene. (Note that people have way more red tones than you might realize, so red keys are usually bad ideas)

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    @ThankGodItsFriday Great questions! We have a good few tutorials on green screening. The video below goes over some budget options for greenscreens. Hopefully, this gives you some more info on the process etc.

    We also have this slightly older video that goes over the process.

    It looks like we might need to create another video using the new version of HitFilm before long! If you have any other questions, let us know 💪

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    A tablecloth, hmm? That might not be a bad idea. Thanks for the tips guys, you rock!

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    Also try

    It's easy to use, and film sensei has a video on how to improve the quality of the lower res free version.