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When I first heard of this new model for HitFilm, which was today, I had mixed feelings. Yes, I am one of the MANY users who have the Express version and paid for a few add-ons. While it sucks that I can't use them in the newest version without upgrading to a subscription, it's totally understandable as to why they're doing this.

My only complaint is that since FXHome is now owned by Artlist, why are these subscription tiers so weak? Paying $10-$20 per month for Hitfilm Pro, Imerge Pro, Mocha, Boris, etc. is fine I guess. But Artlist has a HUGE library of sound effects, music, and stock footage. They even own Motion Array which has a ton of animated graphics. And yet we only get 200 songs, 200 sfx, and 50 templates.

Again, the pricing isn't bad, but they should add more options that integrate the other brands. I would totally pay a comparable amount to the Adobe plans if they somehow added the majority of music, Motion Array effects, and Hitfilm Pro all in one package.


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    The Motion Array stuff has to be converted from AE templates from my understanding. That will take a while to get it all done.

    This is speculation (nothing has been confirmed) but I suspect that this is just the beginning of the Artlist integration… I believe there was a teaser earlier this year that showed Artgrid (stock footage) integration, which hasn’t been seen at all yet. Once again, this is all pretty new so I’m sure the deal will only get sweeter as time goes on.

    (Moderators and Ambassadors aren’t Staff, so nothing I say is official… and in this case it’s just good old speculation)

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    This is great feedback, @henyachingywhy, thanks!

    We appreciate adding more assets to the libraries will be more enticing! This is the first iteration of the assets into HitFilm so we're looking for feedback like this to help us make decisions in the future. Stay vocal and feel free to @ me if you have any other feedback! 😁

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    @OliThompson Google translate:

    "Can I subscribe to HitFilm in mainland China?"