HitFilm is Not Playing Video Through Viewer; Also it Crashes Upon Pausing

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Hellooooo everyone! I've been experimenting with several video techniques, creating videos for my own personal enjoyment. I installed HitFilm Express shortly before the new HitFilm, so I have both versions. In regards to the complaints of the new HitFilm, I don't see a reason to have to pay for these extra features, as free in both versions suffice my needs quite well, however I am keeping the discontinued Express version just in case something happens to the new HitFilm.

Well, it seems something HAS, but oddly enough, it's also affecting HitFilm Express. Because I'm using an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G chipset, which is slower than the recommended minimum, HitFilm runs a bit slow on my system, but usually I just wait for the lag to clear up, then I save my work. I also close HitFilm periodically to clear memory and free up processor usage so it can run smoother next time I open it.

Well, not today. I opened a project and then tried to play it back. As I watched, I noticed that the viewer was not playing the video; it was acting as if the video was paused, however I could hear audio. I then attempt to pause the video, or click anywhere within HitFilm to stop it, and the entire interface hangs. Forever. Never clears up unless I force-close the program. This happens with EVERY project I try to load, and even new ones I attempt to create. HitFilm is practically unusable now! :-(

One thing to note: I DID update my AMD graphics drivers recently, and I didn't notice this issue before the update. Could THAT be the problem?

Also: I am running Windows 11 Pro, and have 16 GB of RAM.

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    Try upgrading your graphics drivers through the official website. Windows update and even the AMD update program can sometimes use old drivers instead of newer ones:

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    Okay, so I had AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition check for Recommended + Optional Updates, and I had updated to AMD Software 22.7.1. Supposedly, optional updates aren't supposed to break things, even though it advances my version to later software than the stable channel, but after running the online tool and downgrading back to the latest recommended stable release, which was 22.5.1, I was able to open HitFilm and see the video play as usual.

    So, it seems that AMD Software version 22.7.1 has a bug in it that affects HitFilm; not sure if it affects other video editors as well. For now, any AMD graphics users (chipset APUs and AMD graphics cards) should be warned that this optional release will break HitFilm. Set the AMD Software to check for Recommended Only, and stay on stable releases without optional upgrades until AMD is able to fix whatever bug affects HitFilm by either releasing a newer optional update, or by releasing a patched version of the current optional update in the stable channel, whichever fixes the bug first.

    Again, optional updates don't typically break things, but I guess AMD released a version where they weren't able to iron out all the kinks yet. I had been on optional updates and didn't notice problems until this last one, so for now, I recommend sticking with the stable release.

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    Just another thing to note: A complete refresh of your drivers may be needed, if you have issues. I got DaVinci Resolve to use alongside HitFilm, and I encountered something strange

    • AMD Recommended Software - HitFilm works, but DaVinci saw no GPU.
    • AMD Recommended + Optional Software - DaVinci sees my GPU, but the HitFilm bug mentioned above happens.

    The solution? I reinstalled the current stable release of AMD Adrenalin Edition (22.5.1), but made sure to check the box where it would factory reset the drivers, thus purging old configurations. Both work flawlessly now. 😁