I just updated and regret it

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I have been using Hitfilm for a LONG time and loved it as a fast and easy way to edit clips. I updated it to the newest version with the new UI and major changes, and I hate it. I paid for a few effects and the "starter pack," and with the new update, I lost complete access to those effects and features. Not to mention all my presets that I spent so many years perfecting and making are all GONE.

I am devastated; if a developer or anyone in power is reading this, please help.


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    HitFilm Express has been discontinued, but you can download the final version here, which will continue to activate with your addons. You can use it for as long as you have a computer that supports it.


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    You can run both HitFilm express and HitFilm subscription build on the same computer, so you can carry on with your existing stuff and use the new one to play around in and see if you like it enough to upgrade.

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    I still struggle with the thought of how many users are still saying but you can run both. Users shouldn't have to do that. When you do this, memory and time get wasted on your computer. I still feel for the users that invested in FX home products and see their purchases go down the drain. That's a crappy move on the company. The thing about Davinci Resolve.....they were very smart to not have a pay what you want program. This situation would have never happened. I feel for you @Dan1508

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    @Andersen01498 '...When you do this, memory and time get wasted on your computer.' This is a fallacy.

    I can speak from personal experience here that in the years of Hitfilm 3 to 6 (and even had some of these going when it changed over to new installation structure) when we were last able to have multiple installations I have had 2 separate Pro versions and an Express for troubleshooting purpose here in the Forum and saw absolutely zero detriment to my system. I even had multiple releases of Blender versions installed at the same time as this, and those could be run at the same time whereas Hitfilm only allows one running version at a time.

    Oh, my system is no beast by any means: AMD FX 8350 with NVidia 1060 (at that time) with 32 GB RAM

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    The thing about Davinci Resolve.....they were very smart to not have a pay what you want program.

    So you think Blackmagic is making money, or breaking even, and not losing money on Resolve? Even a licensed version.

    Also, Blackmagic does not support their free users. User forums are a free users only support option. FxHome has accepted support requests from their free users. That is a cost with no financials to offset or even break even.

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    @NormanPCN unfortunately, we can point out all day, every day, that FXhome lost money on free Express due to costs like providing Support, lost money on certain add ons due to FXhome eating update costs on third party tech. We can note that Blackmagic is a multi billion dollar company with 1500 employees devoted to building hardware which spent a lot of money buying mature companies (Da Vinci and Fusion were about 25 years old when Blackmagic bought them, Fairlight, and Ultimatte 35ish years) as loss leaders for the hardware. We could point out that Blackmagic's 2020-21 revenue ALONE is probably greater than FXhome's entire sales volume ever. Blackmagic did about $576 million in revenue in 2020-21. If all 7 million FXhome users spent $82 each, that would equal the one year of Blackmagic revenue - but we know over 90% of FXhome users are on Express and own no add ons, so, yeah, Blackmagic made more revenue in 2020-21 than FXhome had in its lifetime. We can even note that every software company ever ends support on version X with the release of version X+1 (except Blackmagic, which eats a loss on the software because the hardware is profitable enough for Blackmagic to have well over $100 million in profit for 2020-21). We can even point out an FXhome condition of the buyout was keeping a free tier.

    They won't care. That's all "an excuse," for FXhome to "betray" their users. 🤷 "But my $10!"

    "Oh, I don't want to go subscription, but the perpetual tier - which is the same price is was before - is waaaay too expensive compared to the subscription I don't want!"

    Doesn't help that the soft rollout was a bit of a mess.

    Source article for my Blackmagic assertions.

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    Thanks, I did not realize that it was the final version because when I open the program, it tells me that there's an update and I have no option that says, "never check again" or something of the sort. I have to always click not now

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    There should be an option to “remind me in a week” which isn’t perfect, but should help at least a bit.

    Unfortunately, since it doesn’t look like this was an option natively in Express, this is something that the company would have to change on the server side.

    @KirstieT Would it be possible to eliminate the update prompt from showing up in Express and instead just advertise Free through the homepage banner? (This should be possible through a few changes on the server that Express goes to when it asks if there’s an update.)

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    I have so many heavy programs on my computer. Constantly shuffling things around to make space. I have 32 gb of ram rtx 2070. When it comes to support these days user forums are very helpful and now we have sites like YouTube to help out. Also you would have to do a lot of re rendering of you want to work between the two versions. Not very efficient.

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    @triforcefx This is an issue we're working on resolving right now, as we know it's confusing to the users!

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    We have now removed this banner from the software, because of customer feedback that it was confusing. The banner you see instead should be much more clear. Thanks for pointing this out @Dan1508 - it's feedback like this that helps us improve!

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    For that reason you MUST always backup your system before installing and/or upgrading things. You got Macrium Reflect FREE for this, so there's no excuses.

    I actually came here searching information due to this confusing issue with the "Update message available". That was a bad move.

    I went on and install Hitfilm but it didnt uninstall my Hitfilm Express Content creator.

    Well, if it did it, I could easily restore a previous image from my pc and no harm done.

    Anyways, I think we should go easy on Hitfilm guys when this kind of mistake happens. The cost of my Hitfilm Content creator for example was a fraction of the price of something like Resolve and it does all I need pretty nicely.

    Just wanna show some gratitude.

    And once again, backup your system!