I Got Access to OpenAI DALL-E

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Not Hitfilm, But I Figured it might be of Interest to other creators.

I recently was granted Access to DALL-E image generation, Ive been playing around with it, and the results are quite interesting.

Here are some of my favorites (The titles are the same as the prompts I gave DALL-E).

Yoda as Gollum

Bull Moose Riding a Onewheel

The Loch Ness Monster Playing the Bagpipes in a kilt

"Salvage yard"- By Monet

The Mona Lisa from behind

A vintage photograph of a bull moose riding a unicycle 

Its really quite impressive, though of course, these are the favorites out of several dozen, I don't consider it "Art" though.

I think my favorite is the "Salvage yard" -By Monet series.