What does volume mean when I am exporting my video?

carsongrady42 Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

Whenever I try to export a video it says Error:

The volume '/' has less than 100 MBs available

Please free some space and try again.

I know I have enough space on my mac and it still won't work. I am trying to get a youtube video out in time. Please help!!!!



  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,188 Power User

    In this context it's referring to your storage drive - hard drive or SSD.

    The error means Hitfilm thinks you don't have enough storage space to work.

    I'm PC, not Mac, but I'd expect a letter for the "volume." probably "C:/."

    If you don't have a volume letter assigned, you'll want to check your export settings.

    Otherwise, digital video can take up massive amounts of drive space. Do you have Pre-renders, Proxies or Timeline Cache running in your project? (At the top left of the interface is a "File" menu. In file is an "Options" menu, and in Options are a bunch of controls to enable/disable and clear data for these features - see the manual for details.

    There's also your export format. QuickTime files will take up more space than mp4.

    So that covers a lot of possibilities, but we might need more information to narrow it down.