Anyone else mixing traditional camcorder footage in their videos?

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Hi All,

For years I have been mixing camcorder footage with M43 camera footage since the camcorder always seems better for quick run and gun or long record sessions. Anyone else doing he same with DSLR, mirrorless, or phone footage or is my workflow now simply "quaint"? If so, how do you find integrating the camcorder footage with the rest (fishing for tips). Perhaps I will try to integrate a reel of Super 8 footage with my trusty Sankyo next.😁



  • littlehausbigcity
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    I do every so often as I have one GoPro and a Canon Vixia camcorder, though both are set to 1080P, in large part due to my PC's abilities to edit easily in anything over that resolution for any 2 camera videos I do, but I also sync the audio up as well so the Canon can act as camera 2, as well as a B roll camera as needed.

    Since the GoPro has the media mod and thus has the cold shoe mount, it is my main camera for most videos as I can mount the wireless receiver on it easier than I can the Canon when not on a camera caddy.