[FEATURE] Color Management/Color Space Transform

penwinrawr Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

When working with footage for VFX, the final delivery should be made without altering the original Color Space (If the footage is in Arri Log C, the final video should keep the Arri Log C color space), but when working with renders and light passes the best way to work is in Linear Color Space (Adding Lights and Multiplying Shadows works as in real life).

As a workaround I can convert footage from one Color Space to another using LUTs, like using LUT[sRGB to Linear] for sRGB renders and after compositing apply a final grade with LUT[Linear to sRGB], but some of the LUTs like LUT[Linear to Arri LogC] don't work as they are an "Invalid File Format".

I have 2 ideas for working with Color Spaces:

1.- A new effect can be added to HitFilm similar to TuttleColorGradation from TuttleOFX, with the properties Input Color Space and Output Color Space. The list can be expanded with different Color Spaces and new properties can be added if needed for some of them (I have some problems with TuttleColorGradation affecting the layers below when a file has alpha).

2.- Every Layer can have a Color Space property, HitFilm can convert the color space to linear automatically by selecting the correct option (with "sRGB" as a default for every file except EXRs, those can have "Linear" as a default), and the Composite can have an Output Color Space property (also having "sRGB" as a default) or maybe even 2 Outputs, one for the viewer and one for exporting.