Updating "HitFilm Express VFX Artist"

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I paid for Hitfilm Express about eight months ago. The software says there is an update, but when I click "Download Now" it just takes me to a pricing plan table on their website. My account page says I have "HitFilm Express VFX Artist" and that's not a thing on the page they're sending me to for the update.

What's a fella to do?


  • triforcefx
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    HitFilm Express has been discontinued, but you can get the final version of it here:


    It may ask you to update to the new HitFilm, however your VFX Artist package will NOT carry over. There should be an option to disable the update prompt.

    You can continue using Express for as long as you have a computer that is compatible with it!

    If you would like to check out the new HitFilm versions, you can install them without uninstalling Express! But as of now, the Free plan is a bit limited if you previously bought addons.

  • mpturner
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    Thanks - that's a bit disappointing given I purchased it less than a year ago and now it'll be unsupported.
  • Andy001z
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    HitFilm subscription 2022.1 is a new product, it is not an update to Express. Your Express is still valid but it is end of life.

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    More than a little 'disappointed'.

    I still have HitFilm Express in the banner [2021.3], so I assume I am still using that.

    I paid for a VFX Add-On March 6 saw nothing on the change. Now I come back for the Audio pack and...

    Anyway to get the audio pack?


  • triforcefx
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    @dailylunatic The add-on packs have been discontinued. You can no longer purchase them. However, any add-on packs that you previously purchased will continue to work in HitFilm Express 2021.3. They will not transfer to the new HitFilm 2022.1 and newer though.

    In the new HitFilm, all Audio-based effects are included with the Creator and Pro subscriptions.