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Greetings everyone

My name is Rudy. I used to own some of the FXHome software to produce videos while I was in college. First and foremost, I'm thankful that my email is still active within the FXHome community.

I remember seeing some old videos like Solthar's "The Test" and "Art of the Saber" and being totally inspired to learn about video editing and visual effects; although I'm not even sure if anyone remembers those videos anymore. I would point to some of my old content I made using FXHome software, but I'm still trying to get YouTube to produce it without copyright strikes or issues.

I just came to reintroduce myself and let some of you know that I'd like to start producing some content on YouTube again. I still like my job (for the most part, ha ha) and have no intentions to quit my occupation to make YouTube content creation a full time job. But I would like to get reacquainted with the program again.

I'm embarrassed to write that I've been out of the video production game for a long time, but would like to get back in just for my personal enjoyment and growth. I attached photos of my work for those unfamiliar of the world of Warhammer 40k (produced by a company called Games Workshop) as a guide to the content I plan on producing on YouTube.

I'm a bit anxious and nervous about the prospect of coming back here and video editing again, but I hope the community is as welcoming, helpful, and respectfully honest as it was over 17 years ago. With that in mind I would appreciate any useful advice when starting up again using the free software. Eventually I would like to use the pro tools, but I'm trying to take baby steps right now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post. My time is up; I thank you for yours.


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    Ok, first, that is some incredible paint work. Just the level of detail is astounding and your eye for color is spot on. That is work to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

    Yeah, so Hi, Rudy, welcome (back) to the forum! I'm Mike.

    I'm biased as a humble volunteer Moderator, but I think the group here is pretty friendly and helpful. If you have specific questions, make a thread, but please read the sticky threads first.

    Good resources to learn Hitfilm include the official FXhome YouTube channel. The @FilmSensei and MotionEpic VFX YouTube channels are good for a mix of special effects and utility tips from Sensei Jay Haynes while Motion Epic is more into transitions and motion graphics. I recommend my own Hitfilm University channel. The tutorials are for a much older version, but still, well, Essential. The Essential Hitfilm sections on the mask tool and text tool are obsolete - the most recent tutorials from Sensei and FXhome are correct. Otherwise, that series is designed as a ground up Hitfilm 101 course.

    Most importantly, on the Hit-U channel is the Playlist section. Something like 50 other channels that have Hitfilm tutorials are collected there. Click through to their channels and give them the views.

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    Hey @RudysHobbyHangout, welcome back to FXhome.

    I love all your painted Games Workshop figures.

    Sollthar was the OG of FXhome, and The Test has inspired a generation of filmmakers. I'm getting married at the weekend, and Sollthar (or Marco) will be at the wedding - I'll be sure to tell him about your post. :)

    I loved Art of the Saber too!

    See you around, Josh

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    @RudysHobbyHangout Hey, welcome back! 17 years, then you must be talking ADV days? yep things have changed a tad 😎

    The models look pretty damn awesome!

    @IamJoshuaDavies That came around pretty quick, if by tradition you're having a stag then hopefully they go easy on you... probably not happening but have fun all the same 🍺

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    Holy moly your artwork is amazing!! I'm with Mike, I love the little details you've added, and I would LOVE to see a timelapse of these being painted.

    Apparently much of YouTube's most popular content now are videos that people watch to help them relax and escape the real world (wonder why??), and I feel like this kind of work would be SO soothing and calming to watch.

    I'm Kirstie, I've been at FXhome for almost 9 years now, so wouldn't have been around when you were on the forums - but I worked closely with Simon Jones for a long while who I'm pretty sure you'd remember :)

    It's lovely to see you back after such a long time, and hope that you can find as much inspiration and support as I'm sure you gave back then 🀩

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    Mike thanks for taking the time to respond. The last time I was using FXHome products it was mostly for rotoscoping and visual effects (light sabers, muzzle flashes, smoke, etc). My content will primarily be tutorials , perhaps smattered with video reactions, commentary, etc. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max a Yeti Microphone, and an upgraded iCloud account, so many of my initial content will be focused on using iMovie. However, I do like the over control of a keyboard and currently using a laptop to write this message. For the most part I'm going to do simple voice overs, with some b-roll and photos intercutted with them. I think I still have some of the royalty free tracks I made 17 years ago, so I will use those too.

    If and when I make any mistakes on the forum, I hope that the community will be forgiving. Using editing software is probably not equivalent to riding a bike and I usually prefer learning via tactile means. That being said, I subscribed to the YouTube channel as well as the Film Sensei and Motion Epic FX pages for future references.

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    Josh thank you for posting. I was worried that users here wouldnt know what I was talking about. Please send Marco my upmost regards and respects. We have never met, but I regard him as the artist that got me motivated in thinking I could do visual effects to tell a story. If I were to ask anyone to do an editing shot simulating someone getting thrown to a way, I still would recommend his "single frame to move across an empty plate" to get the effect.

    I wish I could remember all of the other great visual artists that inspired me, but I am thankful for this community.

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    I apologize that I dont remember the name of the rotoscoping/visual effects program, but before I left Chromakey was something they were developing. I used the program primarily for muzzle flashes, smoke effects, and light saber effects.

    I have no intentions of doing those types of videos anymore as I am looking to make tutorials on what I am painting. But as its a hobby hangout, I am open to ideas to they hobby. I definitely will be sure to mention FXHome as potential option for video editing, but I want to dabble for a few weeks/months before I give any opinions on it,

    Right now I don't really have the funding for an external terrabyte drive, Go Pro/HD/4k camera or any fancy setups. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, Yeti Microphone, a selfie light, logitech C922 camera, small tripod, and a few good ideas to get started.

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    Thanks for taking the time to write back. Apparently my iPhone does time lapse photography, but I've never done that before. That may be a YouTube video within itself. I subscribe to a few hobby channels that do this, so I'm focusing content on models I don't see a lot or from my personal collection.

    I'm in the middle of a move from the US to Overseas and still have a lot of equipment I need to get up and running. But I am looking forward to the support as long as the community doesn't mind with some initial amateur video tutorials as I increase my skill set and equipment in the months/years to come.

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    @RudysHobbyHangout That would be effects/FX lab or vision lab I can't rememberπŸ™‚

    No worries on the equipment side, FXhome has demonstrated just how good phones are getting at high grade results so you'll probably do just fine with your iPhone 13 Pro Max!

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    @RudysHobbyHangout Hah! I happen to be an American who moved to Ireland in March and who is looking forward to the day when I have the rest of my gear shipped over. I'm sure missing my tablet display/second monitor (drawing/painting with a mouse is torture compared to a stylus directly on the screen), motion control gear and other lenses. Moving overseas is no joke, so I hope yours goes smoothly.

    Marco/Sollthar's day on this forum predates me, but his "The Test" went pretty viral in the early days of YouTube. I think I may have a downloaded copy on an old hard drive. My favorite bit is the forced perspective shot where he just picked up the toy car from off screen and "bounced" it down the road. Classic.

    If your primary camera is an iPhone 13 there's a setting in your camera app you want to look for - I'm Android, so I don't remember exactly what it's called, but it's something like "Force 60fps" or turning off "Auto Frame Rate." By default phones shoot "Variable Frame Rate," (VFR) which is something Hitfilm doesn't like and that you'll have to convert to "Constant Frame Rate" (CFR) before editing. If you have one of the rare iPhones that can be forced to shoot constant frame rate to begin with you'll save yourself a lot of time and potential problems.

    You'll want to double check the Logitech software as well and make certain that's shooting CFR as well.

    More information on VFR (and how to convert VFR to CFR) is in my own Essential Hitfilm 07: Optimize/Troubleshoot Video.

    See? Video tips already! πŸ‘πŸ˜

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    Mike thanks for taking the time to respond again. I am looking at your video now and subscribed to your channel.

    I do regret to inform you that although my camera can shoot HD 30, HD 60, 4k 30 and 40k 60, I have been shooting various b-roll in HD at 30, which I assume is HD at 30 fps.

    As my primary audience will be YouTube, am I screwed with this footage or is there a way I can fix it via a codec converter or other means?

    As I'm still in the process of moving and travelling, my original plan is to shoot and make 1 or 2 episodes using mostly my iPhone as the primary video/still image capture device. For now I'm going to use my iMovie for initial editing, but I want to make the transition to HitFilm for sure.

    I also was wondering if it would be ok if I sent you a PM on this form, or via Facebook when I launch my first video. I know its going to be bad technically, so I would appreciate if I can get people who are smarter than me to comment on the YouTube video (when its published) and make comments how to make improvements. Today I just received my USB Camera adapter and Tripod mount for my iPhone, so I was planning to shoot all the b-roll for my first episode, write a script, record the voice-over, then edit those pieces together on iMovie.

    iMovie is a temporary solution while I'm travelling and until all my furniture and hobby supplies arrive at my new duty station. So my intent is to eventually film everything on my iPhone, download the footage on my laptop and edit in HitFilm.

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    DMs are fine.

    Where are you moving, may I ask?

    HD 30 should be [email protected], yes. If you have existing footage already shot, the previously cited Essential Hitfilm 07 has a segment on using MediaInfo (a free program) to check for VFR and several methods to convert to CFR. It's just better to shoot CFR to bypass the conversion step. Less time and effort on preparation so you can get right into editing!

    Again, those minis are great. A couple weeks before we moved my gaming group got together for one last minis war (house rules). Yeah, I was the first wiped off the board, but I had detached some of my forces to an allied player and he took out his opponent, finished off mine and then flanked the last foe, so our faction won the war. My sacrifice play was not in vain. Good times!

    Also, I just showed my wife, Laura, you mini pics, and, as she is neither blind or stupid, her first comment was, "Wow, look at that detail work! Those are beautiful!"