mocha Pro Black Friday upgrade offer

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Hey guys, Imagineer are doing a Black Friday discount on upgrading to mocha Pro from the HitFilm version. Worth checking out if you're enjoying using mocha inside HitFilm and want to take it further:

Incidentally, if you're new to mocha since getting HitFilm 3 Pro make sure you check out our mocha tutorials. They were created for HitFilm 2 but the techniques still apply. Here's the first vid:

The full playlist is here: 


  • BriRedd
    BriRedd Website User Posts: 98 Just Starting Out

    Is there a benefit inside of HitFilm 3 Pro if you do upgrade to mocha Pro? Or asked differently, can HitFilm 3 Pro utilize the additional features in mocha Pro?

  • Triem23
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    The additional modes in Mocha Pro are mostly intended to be rebdered out of mocha. The Insert and Remove Modules let you do object removal or composite in elements directly in Mocha, and the lens module is for removing lebs distortion and re-rendering. 

  • BriRedd
    BriRedd Website User Posts: 98 Just Starting Out

    Thanks Triem23 for the quick response!

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