HitFilm is taking up 122GB on my 500GB SSD, Move It?

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I use HitFilm a lot but I noticed that it is taking up 122GB on my 500 GB SSD that is running out of space quick. Is there a way I can move all the data to my other hard drives that have plenty of space or am I stuck with HitFilm taking up a ton of space?


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  • tddavis
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    @lennnyblevens As I recall, you can install Hitfilm on another drive, but there are always certain operating files that must install on C:

    More than likely, to rack up those kind of file numbers, you just need to go into Options and change the location of where Hitfilm creates cache/proxy/pre renders while jotting down the current locations on C: so you can use Explorer to save any that are important or still in use then clear those from C:

    Hope that helps you out.

  • Triem23
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    @tddavis and @Andy001z basically nailed the answer. Hitfilm will always require some space on the C: for OS files, but that's a couple of GB.

    Cache, Proxy, Pre-renders and database files go on C: by default.

    In the File Menu, Top Left of the interface select "Options." In the Options Menu look at the Cache, Proxies, Voiceover, Autosave, and Export tabs. All of these menus have folders you can define and move. Cache, Proxies and Pre Renders take up the most room.

    IMPORTANT: the Timeline Cache in particular needs to be on an SSD. The Timeline Cache writes individual files for each frame and, on a HDD, the seek times will really slow things down.

    You can uninstall and reinstall Hitfilm on a different drive. To do this, choose a 'Custom' installation in the installer. Again, there will always be a GB or two installed on the C: - files Windows needs.

    I have my Hitfilm on my D:. I have a "Studio" folder with three subfolders: Programs, Plug Ins and Cache. Hitfilm itself is in "Programs." All the proxies, pre renders, auto saves, etc have their own sunfolders in "Cache." "Plug ins" has things used by my other software - VST plug ins, Photoshop plug ins, etc.

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    @lennnyblevens As @Triem23 stated you can certainly install HF on a different drive than your OS drive. However IMHO, you would be better served to install HF on the default OS drive and purchase additional drive space instead to hold your video files and to render to. This will avoid a lot of fiddling with the software to make sure it is finding needed software files to run properly that it would by default be looking for on drive C:/.

    If you do buy another drive, go for SSD as already said, and buy the biggest one you can afford. Video files, work files and rendered files take up a lot of space. I recommend keeping those separated from your OS drive.

  • lennnyblevens
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    Okay I moved it, though I assume I need to physically move the files to the new folders which I did, opening a project didn't show any difference but I did save 90GB of space thankfully. But if I do update to another version will I have to point HitFilm to the same directory? Or will that not be necessary?

  • Triem23
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    When installing updates to your current install, it will continue to use the custom folders you've set up. If you do an uninstall/reinstall, you'll have to set up the folders again in Hitfilm, but the folders themselves will still exist on your drive.

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    In Windows we have a folder called hidden files, go to settings and set the option to show hidden files, now look for the HitFilm files that were hidden in C: go right-clicking until you find the folder. HitFilm stores several thumbnails of project videos and takes up a lot of space on your PC. Find and erase, it will lighten your HD.