Mxf files no longer loading

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Hitfilm express kept crashing so I decided to uninstall and reinstall. However the new version doesn't read my mxf files so half of my work is now unusable!

Can anyone explain why I was able to edit mxf files in the other version? And is there any way to go back to that version?

I have a project that needs to be finished in the next 24 hours so am in a bit of a panic.

Thanks for any help.


  • NormanPCN
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    MXF is just a generic file container. It can contain many video codec types. The only video codec I have ever tested that worked in Hitfilm in MXF was MPEG-2 video (XDCAM era stuff). At this point I'll assume that setup.

    Now for a while now FxHome has been moving Hitfilm Express to use the operating system decoders and demuxers and encoders. This so they lose less money on each copy of express activated due to licensing costs of demuxers and codecs. My guess is that MXF could have been dropped period or the OS feature FxHome is using does not support MXF or that file setup fell through the cracks in the move to the OS mechanism. You are best off contacting FxHome support to get a precise answer. We end users do not have a lot of visibility here.